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EPAA! is pure EMOTION...

The story of Epaa! Empanadas is a journey filled with emotion, rooted in a deep love for Argentina, its culture, and the delectable empanadas that have captivated hearts for generations. It all began with a dream, a leap of faith, and a burning desire to bring a taste of Argentina to the heart of Orange County.

Growing up in Argentina, my brothers and I were immersed in a world where empanada shops graced nearly every corner. These savory pockets of joy were not just a meal; they were an integral part of the culture, a symbol of sharing, and a source of comfort. It was in Argentina where we fell in love with empanadas, and that love never faded, even as I found myself in the United States, where empanadas are still relatively new.

Surprised by the scarcity of empanadas in the USA, a realization dawned upon me: there was an opportunity here to share the magic of empanadas and create something unique. Epaa! Empanadas was born from this vision, fueled by the belief that we could offer more than just another empanada shop – WE CAN CREATE A LIFESTYLE.

As a dedicated practitioner of jiu-jitsu and an avid surfer with a family to look after, I understood the importance of fueling an active lifestyle with wholesome and convenient options. Epaa! Empanadas became more than a business; it became a commitment to providing empanadas that were not only incredibly delicious but also prepared with fresh, simple ingredients. Our empanadas are a labor of love, crafted daily to ensure the highest quality. We take pride in using ingredients that not only tantalize your taste buds but also nourish your body. And while we celebrate the flavors of Argentina, we've given them a fresh twist to cater to the active living we hold dear.

Epaa! Empanadas are quick and shareable, perfect for those who cherish the moments spent with loved ones. It's about more than just a meal; it's about creating memories, sharing stories, and savoring the essence of Argentina right here in California.

Our journey is one of passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of creating an experience that resonates with the heart and soul. Epaa! Empanadas is more than just a brand; it's a celebration of culture, an embodiment of love, and a testament to the power of FOLLOWING YOUR DREAM.

Join us in this journey, and together, let's savor the flavors of Argentina, embrace a healthier and more convenient way of living, and create moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Epaa! Empanadas – where love, culture, and empanadas come together

to create something truly special.

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