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Epaa! Empanadas Founder Honored in SBDC MADE Program

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We are thrilled to announce that Marcelo Nonaca, the COO and Founder of Epaa! Empanadas, received well-deserved recognition for his outstanding accomplishments in successfully completing the 2023 MADE program. This commendable achievement reflects not only Marcelo's dedication but also the transformative power of the SBDC MADE program.

Marcelo Nonaca, Greg Bell

About the SBDC MADE Program:

The SBDC MADE program, held on November 9th, is a dedicated initiative aimed at empowering startup businesses and concepts. By providing comprehensive support in planning, marketing, and financing, the program plays a crucial role in turning entrepreneurial dreams into tangible realities.

Acknowledging Excellence:

Marcelo Nonaca's recognition in the program is a testament to his commitment and passion for building Epaa! Empanadas. The awards bestowed upon him highlight his exceptional achievements and the significant strides made in the journey of his startup.

Fueling Business Endeavors:

As the COO and Founder of Epaa! Empanadas, Marcelo's dedication and passion serve as a driving force behind the success of his business. We believe that this recognition is not just an acknowledgment of past accomplishments but also a celebration of the potential for boundless success in the future.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Marcelo Nonaca for this well-deserved recognition. May his entrepreneurial journey continue to be fueled by dedication and passion, leading Epaa! Empanadas to even greater heights of success.

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